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Planning a vacation? Maybe you are headed to a wedding out-of-state or having your own medical procedures performed. Oasis Veterinary Hospital has excellent boarding kennels and suites for your pet which are climate controlled and supervised by our veterinarians. Your animal will receive top notch care through frequent exercise, feeding and watering as well as a comfortable climate to relax throughout the day and night. Schedule your pet’s time with us today!


One of today’s scariest words pertaining to our health is “cancer.” This holds true for our pets as well. If your animal companion develops cancer, Oasis Veterinary Hospital has an experienced doctor as well as a compassionate staff that are here to help you and your pet through this difficult time. Our hospital has the ability to administer chemotherapy drugs, as well as monitor blood counts to ensure they stay as healthy as possible during this treatment. Our years of experience as well as our state-of-the-art medical treatment give your animals a great opportunity for successful treatment.


Oasis Veterinary Hospital now offers CryoProbe. This small, hand-held instrument is used to treat benign skin lesions such as warts, small tumors, small growths. This safe and effective technology has been used in the human medical field for years and is now available for animals. The instrument works by freezing the unwanted skin lesion and within 5-21 days, the mass shrinks and falls off. A second treatment may be needed. This instrument can be used without needing any form of anesthesia and with little discomfort which is very important to owners of elderly pets and exotics. If you notice skin lesions, bumps, tags on your pet, please call and make an appointment.

Dental Care

Have you noticed that your pet has bad breath? Just like people, dogs and cats need regular dental care to maintain their teeth as well as their overall health. Bacteria can begin to collect in your pet’s mouth, even as young as one year of age. Left unchecked, these bacteria lead to plaque and tartar buildup that can result in not only bad breath, but damaged teeth and gums and even kidney and heart disease. Prevention of problems is generally much less expensive than treatment, and this is especially true when it comes to your pet’s oral hygiene. Our experienced doctors like to start dental care early in the life of your furry friend, to eliminate bacteria and plaque. Dental care begins with an examination of the mouth, as well as cleaning and polishing just like you experience at your dentist. Our doctors can also recommend special diets, treats and cleaning at home that prevent plaque and tartar and can lead to healthier teeth and gums and lead to a longer life for your pet.


Do you notice your pet constantly scratching and biting at their tails, back, feet? Seeing your dog or cat consistently scratch at their skin is not a natural occurrence and needs to be treated. Oasis Veterinary Hospital has extensive experience in treating skin conditions in dogs and cats ranging from hot spots to flea allergy dermatitis. We can diagnose the cause of your pet’s itchy skin and prescribe a solution for the problem. You can bring much needed relief to your pet as well as yourself by scheduling an appointment with Oasis Veterinary Hospital.

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

The electrocardiogram or ECG is a small machine we use in house to graph the heart rate, heart rhythm and conduction of the heart. Before the pet is given any kind of anesthesia, we hook them up to the machine, which records the graph for us, which we then send off to a board certified cardiologist. Within an hour we have the cardiologist send us back their findings which allows us to know if it safe for the pet to undergo anesthesia at that time, if there are medications we need to send home before the surgery or even change our anesthesia dosage or drugs. We can also use it to help confirm a diagnosis that either doctor may have for the heart or lungs.

Hospice and Euthanasia

Our time with our pets comes to an end almost always too soon. When your faithful companion is beginning their final days, Oasis Veterinary Hospital’s staff is here to help you and your pet with compassion, sympathy and loving care. We keep your pet medicated so that they are comfortable and when needed we provide euthanasia services to help them pass peacefully. Our compassionate doctors and staff are with you from the beginning of your pet’s life and will be there for you at the end.

In-House Diagnostics

Oasis Veterinary Hospital offers the most advanced blood work analyzers available, right here at our hospital. Our hospital has the ability to run complete blood counts, including red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, as well as blood chemistry tests to measure liver and kidney function. In the past, many blood work tests would take 24 hours or even longer. Our equipment can have your pet’s blood test results in as little as half an hour. This means if your pet has an emergency issue, our doctors can obtain results and begin to treat your dog or cat immediately.

Our doctors run blood work on the morning of surgery, to insure each animal has proper liver and kidney function to process anesthesia. Even animals that appear healthy can have compromised organ function that cannot be discovered without blood tests. We also run blood work that allows us to check the PT & PTT clotting factors on the pets, letting us know if your pet is at a greater chance of bleeding more during surgery. At Oasis Veterinary Hospital, we give every patient undergoing anesthesia the option to have the test run. We also run this test if we think the animal may have been poisoned. In the event something abnormal is discovered after blood work, the surgery can be postponed to give our doctors time to work to correct the issue.

Intensive Care

Oasis Veterinary Hospital is fully equipped to monitor your pet during extreme health emergencies and post surgical intervention. Animals in our intensive care unit are constantly monitored by the staff and doctors. Blood pressure, heart rate and basic vital signs are taken on a constant basis and regular examinations help your pet heal in a comfortable way. Fluids and pain medication is administered as needed to insure your pet is as comfortable as possible as they begin to heal. Our doctors and staff have years of successful treatment of pets during emergencies and difficult procedures, and will bring that same level of care to your pet as well.

Laser Therapy

One of the latest innovations in pain management is laser therapy. Oasis Veterinary Hospital provides laser therapy in our surgical suite to help wounds to heal, and as a safe and effective alternative to medications for our arthritic patients. Ask our knowledgeable staff about the advantages of laser therapy.


Have you ever had a pet wander away from your home? Pets love to roam the neighborhood, and can occasionally become separated from us. Fortunately there is now a permanent form of identification known as microchipping. The microchip itself is the size of a grain of rice and inserted painlessly under the skin of the animal. The pet can then be identified through a simple scan over their skin. Each chip contains a unique number which will identify the pet. Please schedule an appointment to have your dog or cat microchipped today by Oasis Veterinary Hospital.

Nutritional Counseling

Pet obesity is very common in the United States, with studies showing that nearly 40% of them are overweight. A few extra pounds on your pet may lead to issues such as heart disease and diabetes. Feeding your dog or cat your table food is not in their best interest either, as animals also have different reactions to certain foods than humans do. Our doctors at Oasis Veterinary Hospital will recommend the best foods for your pet as well as prescribe a diet and exercise program to keep your pet in the best health possible. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our caring doctors to determine which foods and what amounts are right for your pet.

Pain Management

Pain comes in many forms, most of which our animals cannot tell us the extent of the pain. Our hospital uses pain management before surgery, during and after surgery, as well as in intensive care situations. We also provide long- term pain management for our senior citizens to keep them comfortable in their later years. If you suspect that your pet may be facing pain such as arthritis in their later years, have one of our caring doctors examine your pet to determine if pain management medication may be right for them.


Oasis Veterinary Hospital has a fully stocked pharmacy on site, which is beneficial to our clients in several ways. You can pick up your pet’s medication immediately after their appointment to begin to treat your pet right away. Also, we carry guaranteed products purchased directly from the manufacturer unlike internet pharmacies. This assures you that the products should work as they are intended and are backed by the manufacturer of the medication. Oasis is pleased to carry medicines ranging from antibiotics to heartworm preventatives.


One of the most important diagnostic tools available to a veterinarian is radiology or x-ray technology. Oasis Veterinary Hospital has a modern radiology system as a means to provide the most advanced care available for our patients.

A radiograph or x-ray gives our doctors to take a type of photograph of the inside of the body and determine information that cannot be seen from the outside of your pet. X rays can help our doctors see bones in the event of a possible fracture or break, as well as evaluation of internal organs including the heart, lungs and abdomen. Radiography can also help our doctors diagnose arthritis in older pets, locate tumors, as well as determine size of organs, which can be beneficial in determining disease.

Modern x-ray systems, like those at Oasis Veterinary Hospital, use extremely small amounts of radiation and are very safe for our pets. Radiographs are non-invasive, meaning they cause no pain to your dog or cat and provides information needed to begin treatment for your pet. Our caring doctors have years of experience in using x-rays to diagnose issues in pets, and you can rely on Oasis Veterinary Hospital to take the greatest care available for your furry friend as well.

Small Animals

Oasis Veterinary Hospital is proud to serve the needs of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens in southern Mobile County. They will care for your pet as well. Schedule an appointment today, and meet our caring and compassionate doctors and staff at Oasis Veterinary Hospital.

"Spa Day"

Is your pet looking a little rough around the edges? Why not give them a “refresher” day at Oasis Veterinary Hospital? Your pet will emerge from our clinic bathed, trimmed and looking amazing! We offer bathing, nail trimming, anal gland expression and ear cleaning as well as dental care if necessary. Schedule your pet’s “spa day” today!


The surgical suite at Oasis Veterinary Hospital is state-of-the-art, including the latest anesthesia induction methods, monitoring equipment for heart rate and blood pressure, and a sterile atmosphere to limit any risk of infection. When this is combined with our doctor’s surgical experience and knowledge, you can rest assured during a surgical procedure for your pet.

Our surgical procedures begin with preventative pain medication to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. Bloodwork is strongly recommended to uncover any liver and kidney issues that may not be seen by a physical exam alone. Our experienced technicians assist our doctors make final preparations, including checking over the sterile instruments and anesthesia equipment. Once your pet’s procedure is complete, they will be kept warm and monitored to insure they are recovering as expected. Post-surgical pain medication is also administered as needed to assist recovery.

Whether your dog or cat is facing a standard spay or neuter, or perhaps a more difficult soft-tissue surgery, the doctors and staff have years of experience and will provide the same quality of care you have come to expect from Oasis Veterinary Hospital. When it is time for your pet to be spayed or neutered, or if they have a surgical emergency, call our caring staff and bring your pet to Oasis Veterinary Hospital.


Unlike humans, animals are unable to pinpoint exactly where they hurt to their doctor. Fortunately Oasis Veterinary Hospital has advanced technologies including ultrasound, to diagnose our animal friends. Ultrasound is a safe and effective way to diagnose internal issues without using radiation or invasive procedures. We use ultrasound for a variety of reasons including pregnancy determination to kidney disease. Fast and accurate diagnosis helps your pet heal as soon as possible.

Wellness Programs

Over the years in human healthcare it has become evident that preventative care is the best deterrent to severe disease later on in life as well as improving the quality of life. This principle also holds true for our pets as well. Our clinic offers wellness packages for pets based on each phase of life. Puppies and kittens have a vaccination schedule as well as a spay or neuter schedule. As the animals age, several other services become necessary once or twice a year such as dental care, nutritional counseling, and heartworm, flea & tick prevention. For our senior citizens we offer regular blood workups to detect terminal and debilitating diseases in the early stages. Remember, it is easier to overcome sickness early rather than later on in the disease process.


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