In-Clinic Diagnostics

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Oasis Veterinary Hospital offers the most advanced blood work analyzers available, right here at our hospital. Our hospital has the ability to run complete blood counts, including red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, as well as blood chemistry tests to measure liver and kidney function. In the past, many blood work tests would take 24 hours or even longer. Our equipment can have your pet’s blood test results in as little as half an hour. This means if your pet has an emergency issue, we can obtain results and begin to treat your dog or cat immediately.

Our staff run blood work on the morning of surgery, to insure each animal has proper liver and kidney function to process anesthesia. Even animals that appear healthy can have compromised organ function that cannot be discovered without blood tests. We also run blood work that allows us to check the PT & PTT clotting factors on the pets, letting us know if your pet is at a greater chance of bleeding more during surgery. At Oasis Veterinary Hospital, we give every patient undergoing anesthesia the option to have the test run. We also run this test if we think the animal may have been poisoned. In the event something abnormal is discovered after blood work, the surgery can be postponed to give our staff time to work to correct the issue.