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The surgical suite at Oasis Veterinary Hospital is state-of-the-art, including the latest anesthesia induction methods, monitoring equipment for heart rate and blood pressure, and a sterile atmosphere to limit any risk of infection. When this is combined with our doctor’s surgical experience and knowledge, you can rest assured during a surgical procedure for your pet. Pictured is where Dr. Teresa performs surgeries such as routine spays and neuters or even more complex surgeries such as tumor removals or setting bones and placing casts. The pets spend their time here before surgery and also after surgery to be continuously monitored while in recovery.

Before a pet is given any kind of anesthesia, we hook them up to the machine called an electrocardiogram or ECG. It is a small machine we use in house to graph the heart rate, heart rhythm and conduction of the heart. It records a graph for us, which we then send off to a board certified cardiologist. Within an hour we have the cardiologist send us back their findings which allows us to know if it safe for the pet to undergo anesthesia at that time, if there are medications we need to send home before the surgery or even change our anesthesia dosage or drugs. We can also use it to help confirm a diagnosis that either doctor may have for the heart or lungs.

Our surgical procedures begin with preventative pain medication to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. Bloodwork is strongly recommended to uncover any liver and kidney issues that may not be seen by a physical exam alone. Our experienced technicians assist our doctors make final preparations, including checking over the sterile instruments and anesthesia equipment. Once your pet’s procedure is complete, they will be kept warm and monitored to insure they are recovering as expected. Post-surgical pain medication is also administered as needed to assist recovery.

Whether your dog or cat is facing a standard spay or neuter, or perhaps a more difficult soft-tissue surgery, our staff have years of experience and will provide the same quality of care you have come to expect from Oasis Veterinary Hospital. When it is time for your pet to be spayed or neutered, or if they have a surgical emergency, call our caring staff and bring your pet to Oasis Veterinary Hospital.